Call for Proposals

San Diego County Promotores Coalition

*Workshop Proposals for the 2020 Adelante Promotores Conference has closed. Thank you for your interest and please consider submitting a proposal next year.*

The Adelante Promotores Conference has three types of workshops: 1) Professional Development, 2) Health-related Topics and 3) Personal Development. Both professional and personal development workshop sessions are one and a half hours (90 minutes). The Health-related Topic workshop session is one hour (60 minutes.) The professional development session educates and updates Promotores on core roles and skills. Refer to the C3 report pages 37 – 40 for more details. Health-related Topic session focuses on increasing the knowledge of Promotores on relevant health-related topics to their San Diego communities, such as mental health, nutrition, chronic diseases, and others. Finally, the personal development session is aimed at developing capacity and skills of Promotores to deal with the needs of their Promotor(a) work.

When submitting a workshop proposal, keep in mind that the audience of the Adelante Promotores Conference is largely Latinx and prefer Spanish workshops. However, many are bilingual and some are monolingual English speakers. Workshops with captivating titles and descriptions are better attended relative to those with generic content. Lastly, interactive, discussion based workshops are encouraged and well received by the attendees.

What to Expect

  • Over 250 Promotores and Community Health Workers from across San Diego
  • Quick set up, no more than 10 – 15 minutes
  • Workshops have an average of 29 attendees (range from 13 – 49)
  • Interactive proposals are preferred
  • Anticipate questions, allow time for Q&A
  • Attendees will ask for copies of presentations


Tips for Successful Workshops

  1. Captivating title and description
  2. Interactive, discussion based format
  3. Topics important to San Diego Communities
  4. Skills relevant to Promotores and CHWs
  5. Communication with workshop liaison


Guidelines for Submission

  • Submit all of the above documents via e-mailto
  • When submitting a proposal for a workshop session, please refer to “What To Submit”section on this application form.
  • Submissions should be received by close of business, August 14, 2020
  • Confirmation of proposal submission will be sent by email within five days. If a confirmation email is not received, please contact



  1. Completed Workshop Proposal Form
  2. Brief summary description of the workshop—this information is printed in the conference program and read by participants to select workshops. (minimum 150 words, 250 word maximum)
  3. Full written description of presentation, not to exceed one double spaced typed page, including goals and objectives and how the presentation relates to the conference theme.
  4. Current biography of presenter(s) 100-150 words per bio per presenter.
  5. Headshot photo of presenter(s), must be > 1MB and sent as an image file (.png, .jpeg, etc.)