United for Healthy Communities


Healthy communities are a core aim of the San Diego County Promotores Coalition.


2019 Adelante Promotores Conference


This conference looks into celebrating the work of Promotores/CHWs and recognizing their outstanding Promotores/CHWs in San Diego. By offering a variety of workshops, we look into improving the professional and personal skills of Promotores/CHWs to increase their knowledge of health-related information.


Marina Village Conference Center, Captain’s Room


August 23, 2019
8:00 am – 4:30 pm (PST)


Over 150 Local Sellers

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Healthy Communities

Healthy communities are a core aim of the San Diego County Promotores Coalition. Healthy communities are those with the expertise and knowledge to access health services and resources, creating a community conducive to health. This year’s conference focuses on unifying Promotores and Community Health Workers (CHWs) in creating and maintaining healthy communities. How do we create healthy communities? Invest in Promotores and CHWs. Promotores and CHWs effectively educate and link community members to health resources and services.

To create healthy communities, we must create health systems that look beyond the clinic and reach individuals where they are in a culturally competent way to overcome barriers preventing communities from reaching their full health potential.

All Hands in: Strategies for Community Outreach

Participants explored and shared best practices for health education delivery.

Community Health Workers Organizing an Effective Campaign Using PhotoVoice

Participants learned about efforts from promotores in northern San Diego County and how they have made systemic policy advances driven by community health.

Working on Social Determinants of Health: Core Competency for Promotores.

Participants learned about the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and how they can play a role in addressing health from a different perspective.

Health Prevention Strategies in the Community: Agents of Health.

Participants will learn a variety of educational strategies aimed at people, families, groups, and communities according to age, sex, life event, and epidemiological situation, whose purpose is to contribute to the development of knowledge and skills at an individual level and collectively that preserve, protect and improve biopsychosocial health.

Check the complete list of workshops offered in 2019.