About Us

San Diego County Promotores Coalition

The San Diego County Promotores Coalition (SDCPC) started as the Promotores Education Committee (PEC) in 2009 and is comprised of employers, researchers, governmental agencies, educators, community-based organizations, and Promotores/Community Health Workers (CHWs). To widen the scope of PEC, the SDCPC was formed in 2015 to include all partners working with Promotores/CHWs in San Diego County and create a space for agencies and Promotores/CHWs to come together share, and inform each other’s work.

The mission of the SDCPC is to promote, value, and recognize the work of Promotores and support organizations that work with Promotores to increase access and services to residents of San Diego County. The SDCPC coordinates the annual Adelante Promotores Conference and other events regarding the Promotores/CHWs. These events provide opportunities for professional development and increase capacity in emerging health issues for Promotores, as well as opportunities for engaging with other community members and organizations.

The SDCPC meets every third Wednesday of the month from 12-2 pm at various locations. For more information about our meetings and upcoming events, please contact Deysi Merino-Gonzalez at sdpromotores@gmail.com