Community Health Workers Toolkit

The toolkit is made up of several modules. Each concentrates on different aspects of CHW programs. Modules also include resources for you to use in developing a program for your area. There are more resources on general community health strategies available in the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Community Health Workers 
    An overview of community health workers and their roles.
  • Module 2: Program Models 
    Elements of differing models for CHW programs.
  • Module 3: Training Approaches
    Available training materials and procedures for CHWs.
  • Module 4: Program Implementation
    Building a program from the bottom up.
  • Module 5: Planning for Sustainability
    Ensuring your CHW program functions properly.
  • Module 6: Measuring Program Impacts
    Strategies for measuring the effectiveness of your program.
  • Module 7: Disseminating Best Practices
    Approaches for letting other people know what you have done with your program.
  • Module 8: Program Clearinghouse
    Examples of and contacts for successful CHW programs.