Our Members

We are actively recruiting new members!

The core of the SDCPC is to ensure Promotores/CHWs are included as active members of the coalition.  We have started a membership drive to ensure all Promotores/CHWs in San Diego County are an integral part of the coalition.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the membership form below and email it to sdpromotores@gmail.com.

California Department of Public Health, Office of Binational Border Health

Graciela Mendoza | (619) 688-0111 | graciela.mendoza@cdph.ca.gov

The Office of Binational Border Health is the lead in coordinating the SDCPC and have been instrumental in implementing curriculum development and trainings in support of promotores throughout the State of CA. We are very fortunate to have many public, private, and academic institutions/organizations working together and supporting a vital group in addressing health disparities in border and binational communities in California.

Health Initiative of the Americas

Liliana Osorio | 619-692-5504 | losorio@berkeley.edu

The Health Initiative of the Americas has a Binational Promotores Program which includes educational material development, training and binational exchanges (Mexico U.S.) for promotores on both sides of the border. It also organizes an annual Binational Promotores Conference where participants learn about new health topics that affect the mobile populations, and at the same time have a space to share best practices and strategies implemented by the diverse network of promotores in Mexico and in the United States.

South Bay Community Services

Rachel Morineau | (619) 422-5005 | rmorineau@csbcs.org

South Bay Community Services- Chula Vista (CV) Promise Neighborhood initiative hires Promotores to promote Parent and Community Engagement. Their primary role includes providing supportive services to families within the CV Promise Community. Promotores work with the CV Promise teams and community in developing goals and objectives for stimulating volunteerism, strengthing community ties, responding to the concerns and needs of the community.

Poder Popular, Vista Community Clinic

Deysi Merino | (760) 631-5000 ext. 2131 |deysi.merino@vcc.org

Housed under Vista Community Clinic’s (VCC) Migrant Health Department, Poder Popular serves as the liaison group between local community residents and VCC. The members of Poder Popular, known as Líderes Comunitarios, work on a plethora of community health and civic engagement projects involving comprehensive health education, active transportation, food access and nutrition, community engagement, and more. Additionally, the Líderes regularly participate in community trainings on topics relevant to increasing health equity. Poder Popular meetings are held twice a month and are open to all community members.

Chula Vista Community Collaborative

Brendaly Rodríguez, MA, CPH | (619) 427-2290 | brendaly.rodriguez@cvesd.org

Chula Vista Community Collaborative (CVCC) has had a long standing Promotores program. Promotoras conduct outreach and education in the community and work on projects that involve the health and wellness of the community. CVCC hosts training programs for Promotoras including the Promotora Academy, as well as an annual Adelante Promotores Conference. CVCC has an extensive Promotores volunteer program, Promotores Active for Community, also known as PAC. CVCC instituted an annual recognition program for Promotores.

Institute for Behavioral and Community Health (IBACH), San Diego State University

Hala Madanat | (619) 594-3754 | hmadanat@mail.sdsu.edu

IBACH has a variety of research projects that train Promotores to deliver health behavior intervention in the community. Development and testing of clinic-based behavioral interventions that utilize promotoras, health educators, and patient navigators for the prevention and management of disease.

San Diego City College

San Diego City College (SDCC) is the home for a Community Health Work (CHW) Certificate of Achievement consisting of coursework that prepares students to work in a variety of settings related to health and human services. CHWs are also known as Promotores de Salud, Health Navigators, Peer Support Specialists, Care Coordinators and other related titles. SDCC also hosts an annual conference or training specifically for the professional development of Community Health Workers.

Vision y Compromiso

Gerry Balcazar | gerry@visionycompromiso.org

Established in 2000, Visión y Compromiso (VyC) is a nationally respected organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of underrepresented communities.

Created by Promotores, VyC represents their collective voice and responds to the ideas, needs and priorities they identify in their respective communities. Today, our National Network of Promotores and Community Health Workers reflects VyC’s participatory and consensus building strategy and commitment to popular education methodology. We are the only organization in California providing comprehensive and ongoing leadership development, capacity building, advocacy training, and support to over 5,000 Promotores and Community Health Workers.

Visión y Compromiso is committed to creating and sustaining a statewide, consumer-driven approach to promoting the health and well-being of communities and families by supporting Promotores, leaders, community health workers and others who serve the community in ways consistent with the values and scope of practice of the Community Transformation Model (The Promotor Model).

By investing in Promotores as leaders of change, VyC strengthens their collective voice and increases their ability to advocate for policies and practices to improve individual and family well-being and create lasting community change.