Adelante Promotores Conference

As a result, the San Diego County Promotores Coalition (SDCPC) aims to further the vision of the CVCC by continuing the annual Adelante Promotores Conference as a coalition of organizations and also growing the conference to what it is today.

Our Adelante Promotores Conference occurs thanks to our dedicated sponsors that support and promote the work with Promotores/CHWs in San Diego.

We will be announcing more details about how to become a sponsor for the 2023 Adelante Promotores Conference.

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Friday 11/17/2023


8:00 am –
4:00 pm



November 17, 2023








2022 Adelante Promotores Conference

"Together, We Are Stronger!"

Promotores/Community Health Workers (CHWs) are a vital part of connecting communities to needs services and resources. Communities are a core aim of the San Diego County Promotores Coalition. Strong communities are those with the expertise and knowledge to acces health services and resources, creating a community condusive to health and wellness. The 2022 conference focused on the need for stronger communities and recognized that Together, We Are Stronger!

20 May 2022

A Special Thanks to Our 2022 Sponsors*

*Sponsors vary each year.

Previous Adelante Promotores Conferences

"Promotores in the Workforce= Health Equity"

Adequate income drives equity, more specifically health equity. Health equity is a primary outcome of employing P/CHWs who create and maintain healthy communities.


"United for Healthy Communities"

This year’s conference focused on the unification of Promotores and Community Health Workers (CHWs) in creating and maintaining healthy communities.

23 Aug 2019

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Guest speakers Dr. Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola (UC Davis) and Barbara Jiménez (County of San Diego, HHSA) joined us this year.

20 Jul 2018

"The Time is Now!"

Because then (and now!) was the time to be more vigilant than ever about protecting the communities we serve and ensuring all families have access to culturally appropriate—essential—health and social services.

11 Aug 2017